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MS Plates, Angles, Pipes, Channels and Bars
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MS (Mild Steel) Plates, angles, pipes, etc, are made of steel that is also called plain-carbon steel and are popular for their wide ranging uses, while being relatively economical. Due to its chemical composition, MS products are malleable, ductile and are highly weld-able. Channels have superior weldability, wide dimensional range and atmospheric corrosion resistance. They also have mild to high tensile strength. Angles are used for general fabrication, machining and repairs. These structural shapes provide excellent support for frames, braces, enclosures, etc. We offer products that are IS 808 compliant. MS Plates, Angles, Channels, etc, are also very economical due to their low cost of fabrication. Some of the products we offer are ISA Angles in sizes 50mm to 250mm with various sectional weights, and ISMC Channels from 75mm to 400mm sizes. MS Angles and Channels find use in railways and automobiles, telecom line towers and electrical towers, commercial and individual houses, power plants, industrial sheds, kitchen appliances, fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws), etc.